Posted on: September 30, 2016

Top Tips On The Benefits Of Double Glazing

When we’re at home, we should expect to feel comfortable and able to relax. It’s still amazing to think that many homes still don’t have sufficient windows installed – this will only mean that the building will be much colder, less secure and not retaining its true value. At Kellys Sash Windows we offer a service that can install from scratch, double glazing in Windsor and the surrounding area.

We are able to work on windows and doors in all styles of property, from classic Victorian terraced houses to elegant town houses and many other fantastic historical buildings. Operating from our factory in Berkshire, we extensively cover areas all over London and the South East – and because of our quality work, service and unbeatable prices, we are confident that we can provide the perfect window design for you.

Double Glazing – how exactly does it work?

Also known as ‘Insulated Glazing’, Double Glazing sees the usage of two panes of glass inserted into window frames that are designed to reduce noise and to insulate heat. In a normal single-glazed window, noise and heat are easily transferred through the window. In the summer – the heat from outside will heat up your home, making conditions inside somewhat difficult to exist in. In the winter, the heat from your home will escape to the outside, without you feeling much benefit – and costing you on your energy bills.  By using two panes of glass, the conditions from the outside (be they heat or noise) will be left outside, leaving the home able to create its own conditions – which will mean that any heat that is generated inside will be kept inside. This will mean that you will use less energy, resulting in a vastly-reduced bill every month!

Benefits of double glazing

  • A more comfortable home life – With the ability of double glazing to insulate heat, this will keep you more comfortable in the home. Having double glazing will create a ‘bubble around your home’ – insulated in the winter, cooler during the summer. With the nature of heating and cooling constantly switching on and off, causing noise and hitting us with cold or hot air when we don’t need it – double glazing will keep your home’s temperature more stable.
  • A quieter home – In today’s world, the noise emanating from the outside can be loud and extremely annoying, especially as all you want to do is to relax in your own home. Double glazing your windows can dramatically reduce any noises from the outside that have the potential to disturb you.
  • Reduced energy bills – With the cost of energy bills constantly on the increase, this will no doubt provide an ongoing issue for your budget in years to come. As mentioned earlier, double-glazing can severely cut down on the amount you’ll have to pay – simply because it works to keep the majority of the heat that you pay for, inside the building. The energy saving trust estimate that detached homes can save up to £160 per year just by double-glazing their windows. Improving the thermal performance of the windows, aside from saving on the cost, also reduces greenhouse gas emissions – so double-glazing is great for the environment too!
  • Better security – The vast majority of burglaries that occur in the home happen when an assailant is able to gain access through doors or windows. Whereas older, single-glazed windows offer very little protection from burglars, modern double-glazed windows use the latest in multiple-locking technology which helps to improve your window’s security and works to deter any burglars.
  • Reduces condensation – Condensation happens when a cold surface meets moist air – think of it like your bathroom mirror ‘fogging up’ as you run a shower. In many homes, condensation has been a real issue – when thin windows become cool and the warm, moist air from inside the home meets it, this will cause condensation to form inside your windows. The moisture that it forms can damage your window frames, even drip down onto your floor and has been known to destroy any electrical equipment that has been plugged in close to a window. If the moisture levels are high, then it will create an ideal breeding ground for mould to grow and expand throughout your window frame.Fortunately, double-glazing virtually eradicates the problem of condensation. The materials that exist between the two panes of glass will ensure that the side that is facing the room, will be kept at the same temperature as the inside of the home. This will stop the two elements meeting and forming any condensation.
  • Enhances the value of your home – With all of these benefits to be had, the installation of double-glazing will ensure that the value of your home increases. So aside from saving you money, making your home more comfortable, quiet, secure and free of condensation – double-glazing also helps you to enhance the investment you have made on your home.

Choosing the right frame

Once you’ve chosen to install double-glazing in your home, you need to decide what sort of frame you wish to house your window. We offer two types of frame for double-glazing installations – timber and PVCu

  • Timber frames are used in more-traditional sash window installations that are designed to retain the true aesthetic character of a building. Great at natural insulation, timber frames will be a great choice for any home that was built during the Victorian or Edwardian period.
  • PVCu frames – are more-modern types of frames that have been specially designed to further reduce noise and better insulate heat. Unlike wood, this plastic window frame requires less maintenance.

Kellys Sash Windows – bespoke double glazing in Windsor!

Our service in carrying out double glazing in Windsor is unrivalled, as we are able to work on windows and doors in all styles of property. If you require any help in restoring, repairing or fitting any windows, or just want more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0118 926 1411 or e-mail us at

Sash window to restore charm to a Victorian villa
Sash window to restore charm to a Victorian villa
Bay casement window
Bay casement window


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