Posted on: February 3, 2019

Is It Time To Replace Your Sash Windows?

It won’t take long for you to notice a draughty window as the cold weather gets worse in the winter.

If you are not sure a simple “hand test” will work. You should actually be able to feel the cold air coming in around the windows if it is already warm in the house.

Replacing Sash windows can be a big job that can cost between £500 and £1000 for installation (plus materials) per window if you want traditional wood double glazing sash windows, or slightly less for the uPVC versions. It is important to understand your options before you spend any money.

Replacement double glazed sash windows are a great investment for any home as they can save money on energy costs and it looks great on a real estate listing. However, there are cheaper ways to increase the efficiency of your home while that does not include the intrusion of replacing windows.

Refurbishing is the most obvious choice, but it is also the most expensive. Sash windows are designed to be serviced from time to time and it’s important you consider the age of your sash windows and decide when the time for refurbishment is right. Proper upkeep on your windows will allow them to stand up a lot longer. Each of the sections will eventually loosen and allow air to pass through and compromise the efficiency of your home.

If you are considering replacement double glazed glass window ask if refurbishment can work for your situation. It is an extensive process that requires the windows be taken a apart and put back together with new elements, but the windows will look like and operate like new.

Obviously, the refurbishment job will not last as long as new windows but depending on the age and the condition of your windows this may be the best idea.

If your construction professional says that refurbished windows are not the best option the question becomes which new double glazing sash windows are right for your home and your family. It is important to remember when the salesperson starts talking about all the different options and price points that the money you save on your energy bill will probably not pay for the windows.

It is a nice benefit and it is likely you will see a difference in your bill, especially in the hottest and coldest months of the year, but that savings should not be a reason to buy more expensive windows that you may not want or need.

Consider the benefits of uPVC when looking at your options. The material provides a great value in both the single glazing and double glazing options. The double glaze will improve the comfort of your home by regulating the temperature way better than single glazed windows. Wooden double glazed windows will last longer, but only if refurbished every ten years or so, but the uPVC will not need nearly as much maintenance.


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