Sash Window Installation

We are a family owned company widely known for the quality design of sash windows as well as great service and compatible prices.

We are the industry leader of sash window installation and repairs from London across the South East to Reading.

The combination of traditional methods of craftsmanship with the use of modern technology has helped us build traditional double gazed sash windows and doors that will add value to your house as well as making it more comfortable to live in. Since the design of every window we make is bespoke, it is made to match any pattern or design on both wood and PVCs fittings.

Aside from adding value to your home, the installation can also be viewed as an investment on your London property, giving you better value in the longer term.

Sash windows are installed in many different types of homes, and people think of it as old stately homes with a heavy cost to maintain. Well, complete boxed sash windows offer the modern solution even to the most classic of London homes.

A boxed sash window is usually designed for windows that are statelier looking and much larger than the normal window. These were especially popular in the country especially in London during the Victorian and Georgian periods which is why many homes of that vintage still have them installed at their homes.

Their traditional style is ever in fashion, and today newly built houses are taking advantage of the attractive benefits that sash windows provide. With the improvement in window technology, more modern materials like PVC can be used along with more traditional timber in designing the sash windows. Harmonising the classic look with modern technology makes your windows perfect and help keep maintain the historic look of your house.

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