Posted on: July 25, 2018

Are Wooden or PVCu Sash Windows Better?

Sash windows which are constructed with traditional materials are some of the longest lasting windows in the world today.

There are still windows that are available on many historical buildings from the 1600s that are in use on buildings today.

Sash windows made with the use of traditional wooden components can last over hundreds of years if they are well-maintained. The look of these Windows also has somewhat of an ageless appeal as they have been in style for properties over hundreds of years now.

Modern sash windows can come in a double pane design as well as with environmentally friendly recycled materials. Here are some of the biggest differences between wooden sash windows and PCVU:

Wooden sash windows:

These are windows that are handcrafted using mostly wooden materials in a fairly traditional manner. Modern wooden sash windows often come with speciality coatings that can help to make sure that the wood can last much longer. They are also commonly made of recycled wood materials or sustainably produced timber. This can help to reduce the overall load on the environment for the production of any type of wooden sash window. The modern wooden sash window is also produced in a style which is far more energy-efficient than some of the traditional Windows of the past. This is a very timeless look at it allows for great customisation if you wanted to change the stain on the window.

PVCU sash windows:

This is the modern equivalent of a sash window and instead of using wooden materials you will be using a material called polyvinyl chloride. The rigid PVC format of these windows is often far more ecologically efficient than some of the other sash windows that you can find on the market. If you are interested in making your home much more energy-efficient, these plastic style windows are some of the best ways that you can see improved efficiencies throughout the home. One of the biggest reasons that people are choosing PVCu for their sash windows today is that they can come in nearly limitless finishes and they do not require the same staining or maintenance as wooden sash windows.

Choosing between wooden offerings or PVCu is ultimately up to you and your style. Whether you like the idea of a timeless wood style, or the best in modern materials with low maintenance, the options are there for you.


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