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traditional wooden sash windows in Reading, Berkshire and London

Wooden Sash Windows

Our wooden sash windows add character and a unique charm to your home. Authenticity is extremely important.

double glazed sash windows in London

Double Glazed Sash Windows

We are also proud to supply a diverse range of double glazed sash windows to improve your home's style and efficiency.

sash window repairs and replacement in Reading Berkshire & London

Repairs & Restoration

We will be able to restore most sash windows and doors to their original condition, to recapture their charm.

Sash Window Repair & Restoration in London, Reading & the South East

Quality, hand made timber sash windows and doors

We are a specialist sash window company in Reading & London. We have been established over 25 years and we are a leading manufacturer and installer of traditional timber sash windows and doors.

The service we offer has proven so popular with many of our clients that we have become known as The London Sash Window Company thanks to our quality of work and unbeatable prices.

We undertake any and all work involving the repair, restoration and fitting of new sash windows in all manner of property types – from those classic Victorian-built home, elegant town houses and even some of the most-recent constructed of homes.

Operating from a factory located in Berkshire, we are well located to carry out work on homes throughout the South East and are confident that will be able to provide all our clients with as perfect a bespoke service as possible, in order for them to get the best out of their homes.

Each window we create is bespoke – meaning that the installations that we create for our clients are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. If this is something that you’re looking for, why not consider Kellys for your sash window needs?


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    Nothing beats the classic look of wooden sash windows to enhance your home’s appeal.

    Kellys Sash Windows is a family run business that works principally in London and the M4 – M3 corridor, although this does not preclude us from working elsewhere.

    Our combination of traditional craftsmanship coupled with modern technology, for speed and efficiency, enables us to build traditional windows and doors that will add character, charm and comfort to your home.

    We restore or replace windows and doors in all styles of property. These properties include classical Victorian terraced houses, elegant town houses and many magnificent historical buildings.

    We are proud too, that our windows and doors are used in many listed buildings and conservation areas. Our aim is to ensure that the timber windows we supply to you both exceed your expectations and enhance the beauty and value of your home.

    Whether you’re looking to replace your existing wooden windows, upgrade to double glazing or make repairs, Kelly’s Sash Windows are here to help. With a complete range of services, including traditional-look timber sash windows, double-glazed wooden windows, and bespoke designs crafted from the finest Red Grandis timber, our team has the skill and experience to provide the perfect window solution.

    Wooden Sash Windows

    Kelly’s Sash Windows is your trusted source for premium wooden sash windows for insulating your home with the classic elegance of a traditional window style. You can enjoy the timeless beauty of wooden windows while taking advantage of modern double glazing to improve energy efficiency and keep your space comfortable.

    Our innovative range of sash windows offers classic style with wood double-glazing technology for a superior combination that will fit any architecture. You can choose sizes and styles for maximum visibility, including slim frames.

    Sash Window Repairs

    If your wooden sash windows need repair, look no further than us. Our technicians have the experience and expertise to help you restore your windows to their original condition. We understand the importance of having fully-functioning sash windows, so we ensure our repairs are done quickly and professionally.

    Whether there’s a problem with drafty frames or faulty window locks, we can provide an effective and affordable solution. Contact us today to learn more about our wood sash window repair services.


    The best craftsmen, the finest quality materials and the great experience of our whole team enables us to offer you a product and a service which is unrivalled.


    Crafted from the highest quality timber, our sash windows offer a lifetime of unparalleled beauty and performance at an affordable cost.


    Our sash windows are double glazed with safety glass, and come with a premium quality locking key for your complete peace of mind.

    Low Maintenance

    Our beautiful traditional timber windows require minimal care and attention to keep them looking and working in premium condition for a lifetime.


    We offer a range of timber from sustainable sources, combining elegance with environmental responsibility.


    Featuring classic mouldings, traditional horns, and counter-balance, pulley and cord systems, our individually crafted sash windows deliver a truly authentic feel.


    Our sash windows and doors are traditionally hand painted with high quality microporous paint; Teknos, Dulux weathershield for the external paints and for the internal paints we use Dulux, Little Green, Farrow & Ball or any paint that our customers choose.


    Combining style and performance, our sash windows are designed for optimum comfort and sealed against draughts, damp air, noise pollution and dust.

    Energy efficiency

    Opting for traditional sash windows shouldn’t mean compromising on energy efficiency. Our flush sealed windows prevent heat loss, helping you lower your energy bills.


    Why Choose Us?

    Whether looking for flush casement windows, slim frames or new timber windows, Kelly’s Sash Windows is your go-to for quality wooden and timber window solutions. We have been in the business for years, providing high-end bespoke wooden double-glazing windows to tailor our customer’s needs. Our experienced craftsmen work with Red Grandis timber, renowned for its strength and durability.

    1. Superior Quality
    We believe in superior quality in all our products, so we are always at the forefront of innovative window solutions, from repairs to complete replacement wooden windows. Our attention to detail and unrivalled customer service make us the number-one choice for wooden sash and flush windows. We deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

    2. Reliable and Professional
    We understand that getting the job done right is a priority, so we take pride in delivering reliable and professional services to our customers every time. Our experienced craftsmen ensure that all our wooden window products are created with craftsmanship and expertise, giving you peace of mind that your wooden window solution is in the best hands.

    3. Bespoke Solutions
    At Kelly’s Sash Windows, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique and different, so we provide bespoke solutions to our customers. Whether you require replacement flush casement window or timber sash window repair, our experienced professionals can create a custom solution tailored to your requirements.

    4. Affordable Prices
    We strive to provide our customers with the best quality products at an affordable price. We guarantee that all our windows are competitively priced and meet industry standards.


    At the Kellys Sash Window quality is our watchword to ensure that all our windows are built to the highest standards.

    Our Softwood and Hardwood timber is carefully selected from sustainable forests.

    All joinery is finished and completed with high quality furniture.

    For your peace of mind, all our joinery is supported by a 10 year guarantee.


    Being a feature that is visible from the outside, as well as inside, a window is perhaps the most important design feature of the home.

    Present in many older properties, sash windows can go without maintenance which will leave their frames easy prey for deterioration. All this does is take away from the aesthetic look of the property – and leave conditions inside the home very uncomfortable as cold, wet weather and sounds will easily seep into the property.

    Not just that but the actual functionality of the window will prove difficult to operate too – these examples are why it’s so important for sash windows to be kept in as good a condition as possible. This is something that sash window restoration can help greatly with.


    The traditional type of frame used in the creation of sash window, is of course, timber. Popular during the Victorian period when the material was in plentiful supply, timber frames gave properties that artistic charisma that made them so pleasing on the eye.

    Today, despite the emergence of cheaper, much-more specialised alternatives, such as PVCu sash windows, original timber frames are still proving popular with property owners as they strive for that traditional, classic look – or because of building regulations, they have to use timber frames to maintain the look of the property. This is why, instead of going through the costly process of replacing the entire frame, homeowners choose to repair or restore their window installations.

    Many homes will have an increased amount of flexibility when it comes to their window frames, which is why an increasing number of homeowners are moving towards lower-maintenance windows to cut down on the cost and time it takes to manage their window installations. Here at Kellys, we are adept at installing timber frames in properties and whatever your circumstances dictate; we are able to offer advice on which material would best suit you.



    No matter the type of property, its age, location or regulations, we can ensure you that our sash windows restoration, sash window repair and installation service will be carried out to the highest standards in order to create the most stunning-looking and effective windows as possible.

    Please browse our website to see more about the services we offer. If you would like further information on how we can help to improve the window installations in your property with our sash window repair service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


    It isn’t just window installations that we are able to customise of course – we also create all manner of door installations too; from heavy and secure front and back doors to the lighter internal and patio doors.

    Our door installations all incorporate the latest in door technology that looks after security, insulation, finish, reliability and durability. This ensures that we are able to create the very best timber doors available – designed for a lifetime of use.

    Our bespoke wood / timber doors can be complemented by a wide array of glazing specifications, dependent on your requirements. Just some of the types of glass we are able to use in our doors include patterned, obscure, safety and laminated glass – making for a wide range of customisation when it comes to choosing your ideal door installation.


    Kellys Sash Windows is a family-owned and managed sash window company based in Berkshire.

    Our location provides us with a great base to carry out our work in and around London, as well as the M3/M4 corridor in the South East.

    We specialise in the restoration and replacement of windows and doors in all styles and types of property – whether it’s classic Victorian terraced houses, Georgian town houses to the more modern-day builds. With the areas we work in being some of the oldest and a historically important representation of the England’s fine history, we’re proud to say that many of our windows and doors are used in listed buildings and conservation areas.

    Able to create sash windows that add character, charm and comfort to any home, many of our customers have described us as ‘the London sash window company’, thanks to our quality of work, service and unbeatable prices.



    Having been established in the sash window repair and replacement industry for over 20 years now, we find ourselves in the unique position of being able to lend our collected skills and experience upon the many sash windows that we create. Combining our knowledge and skills with traditional methods of craftsmanship and the modern technology that we use, we can safely say that every installation we create will be of the highest quality – and utterly unique.

    Creating traditional timber windows and doors to suit a classic period property can be a complex process – windows and doors simply were not created as ‘standard’ as they are today, as each was made utterly unique.

    With many classic houses being one-of-a-kind and needing to retain their character, we can guarantee that we will be able to create windows and doors that will not only match the original designs but also abide by modern standards – such as energy efficiency ratings.

    This will not only keep heat inside your home and safeguard the environment but also help to cut down on your energy bills too!

    We believe that our service ultimately gives our clients the peace of mind in knowing that their home will be to retain its wonderful character – but still be offered modern protection from any harmful outside elements.


    Kellys Sash Windows use only local, expert craftsmen which give us every opportunity to carry out as swift and effective sash window repair and installation service as possible. Being local, we can ensure that we are fully aware of the historic character of the buildings we undertake work in. We are always aware that we will be working on someone’s property, which we why we approach each installation job with the utmost care and respect. We promise that any disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum and the work area will be kept in a tidy, clean and safe condition before, during and after the works have taken place.



    Many older properties, although having taken great care of their sash windows, may still have single-glazed windows installed which will leave the home open to elements such as bad weather, noise, lost heat – even security concerns.

    Double glazed sash windows are made from two panes of glass, which have been specially designed to insulate heat, reduce noise and generally make the frame more secure. Whilst these outside (and sometimes inside) effects may get beyond the first pane of glass, the space that exists between that and the second pane will slow down and stop the effects from infiltrating the second pane – this is why doubled glazed sash windows are a better insulator of noise and heat.

    In terms of security, many older windows (despite their conditions) will lack sufficient modern security measures that are designed to prevent and deter anyone intent on forcing them open and gaining entry into a property.

    By installing windows with modern locking mechanisms in their traditional-looking frames, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your sash windows will be able to keep the classic character of your home, make it more comfortable to exist in and provide the best security.


    Sash Windows London

    The combination of traditional methods of craftsmanship with the use of modern technology has helped us build traditional double gazed sash windows and doors that will add value to your house as well as making it more comfortable to live in. Since the design of every window we make is bespoke, it is made to match any pattern or design on wood fittings.

    Aside from adding value to your home, the installation can also be viewed as an investment on your London property, giving you better value in the longer term.

    Sash windows are installed in many different types of homes, and people think of it as old stately homes with a heavy cost to maintain. Well, complete boxed sash windows offer the modern solution even to the most classic of London homes.

    A boxed sash window is usually designed for windows that are statelier looking and much larger than the normal window. These were especially popular in the country especially in London during the Victorian and Georgian periods which is why many homes of that vintage still have them installed at their homes.

    Their traditional style is ever in fashion, and today newly built houses are taking advantage of the attractive benefits that sash windows provide. Harmonising the classic look with modern technology makes your windows perfect and help keep maintain the historic look of your house.


    Sash Window FAQs

    1. Are Sash Windows Worth It?
    Yes! Sash windows provide an unbeatable blend of natural beauty and energy efficiency. Each quality window uses superior Red Grandis timber and double glazing to ensure maximum protection from outdoor elements while maintaining a stunning aesthetic. You can be confident that our wooden sash windows will last many years.

    2. How Long Do Sash Windows Last?
    Our sliding sash windows are crafted with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship, making them some of the most durable and long-lasting window solutions on the market. You can expect your sash windows to last for decades with regular care and maintenance.

    3. What’s The Cost of Sash Windows?
    At Kelly’s, we strive to provide our customers with the best value for their investment. The cost of sash windows can vary depending on the size and type, but you can expect to pay anywhere from £500 to £1000 per window. For a detailed quote, contact us today!

    4. Can I Replace My Sash Windows?
    Absolutely! We offer replacement wooden windows in various shapes and sizes to suit any home. Whether you’re looking for traditional sash windows or more modern designs, our experienced team can help you find the perfect solution that meets your needs and budget.


    Customer Feedback

    We currently have a 9.12 / 10 rating from 175 reviews on HomePro.

    We are very pleased with the windows, and there was another request for your number from a neighbour (Anne Asemi) yesterday. It was a delight having you work here. Thanks for doing such a splendid job.
    Frank, London
    Kellys Sash Windows did a wonderful job on double glazed sash windows, excellent workmanship and would highly recommend. Prompt service and was always kept up to date with the progress of work. Very pleased.
    Mrs K. Reading
    Very good to deal with and accommodating when adjustments needed to be made. Prompt service and good workmanship. Pleased with the overall result.
    Mr & Mrs Allen, London
    I can’t recommend Bob highly enough. He was punctual, very pleasant and the work was completed on time to a very high standard.
    Mr & Mrs Jeronimus
    Excellent work and good value for money!
    Mr Oatten, London
    I would highly recommend Bob, he has been a pleasure to deal with
    Miss Whitehead, London
    Many thanks for your workmanship. The windows have certainly made the house much warmer. With thanks again and kind regards
    Thanks for my beautiful windows. Really enjoyed meeting you. Best wishes!
    Kate, London
    Always on time and cheerful. Worked hard and cleanly. Kept me informed at every stage of the works and clearly told be what was going to happen next and when.
    Mrs Blight, Berkshire
    Excellent service and end result. I”m a repeat customer as previously been very happy too.
    Miss Meeks, Berkshire
    Very happy with the work and will be placing another order for some additional windows this month.
    Mr & Mrs Szczech, London
    Bob works diligently and is obviously a very experienced sash window installer. He replaced six large sash windows at my home in two days and I am happy with the result.
    Mr Hayward, London
    We’ve just had our sash windows replaced by Kelly’s Sash Windows. We couldn’t be happier with the level of service we’ve received. Very friendly and helpful, excellent standard of work with affordable prices. Will be recommending to our friends and family.
    Kamila, London


    Kellys Sash Windows are a family-run business that has been undertaking sash window repair services in London and the South East of England for over 20 years. Using traditional methods of craftsmanship, coupled with modern technology allows us to create traditional-looking windows and doors that will be able to maintain the classic look of your property, create an appealing and comfortable environment AND meet the modern standards required of property owners, in regards to energy efficiency.

    Our professional service is able to repair, restore or replace windows and doors in all styles of property; from Victorian terraced houses, elegant townhouses and many other fantastic historical buildings, right through to even the latest builds. Repairing your sash windows will help you to cut down on heating costs and avoid any effects suffered from outside elements, such as bad weather and noise pollution. With these benefits to be had, it’s no surprise to see that many property owners are turning to sash window repair services to help them to create a comfortable, cost-effective environment.



    Interested in restoring your sash windows? We only use experienced and qualified craftsmen local to you, meaning that we can ensure the deliverance of our sash window repair service at a time that suits you. Based out of a factory in Berkshire, we are ideally located to undertake work, no matter where you may be located in the South East. It’s thanks to this service and our vast experience of carrying out sash window repair services on countless properties, that we have gained a favourable reputation in the industry – so much so, some of our clients refer to us as The London Sash Window Company! No matter your issue, we are confident that we will be able to provide the perfect sash window restoration service for you.

    Contact Our Expert Team

    If you would like further information on how we can help to repair, restore or fit any sash windows or doors, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.