Complete Boxed Sash Windows

Thanks to modern window-making techniques, Sash Windows can be made to insulate heat, keep out draughts and sound proof the home.

Even modern issues, such as the push for households to become more energy efficient, are able to be met with sash windows.

Mention the words complete boxed sash windows and some people will think of images of old – stately homes that are accompanied by a heavy cost to maintain. In fact, the opposite is true. Today, sash windows are installed in many different types of homes.

Simply, complete boxed sash windows can offer a modern solution to modern problems, in even the most classic of homes.

Kellys Sash Windows are a family-owned company that has grown into a leading manufacturer, installer and renovator of traditional timber windows and doors. Having amassed many years of experience in the retail of boxed sash windows in and around the London area, our service has proven so popular, that we’re constantly referred to as The London Sash Window Company!

We are able to take on any kind of work on windows and doors, in all styles of property – from classic Victorian terraced homes, to elegant town houses, right through to recently-built homes. We operate from a factory in Berkshire, which gives us great access to locations all over London and the South East. Because of our quality of work and unbeatable prices, we are confident that we are able to provide you with the perfect sash window service that you need to get the best out of your home.

What Are Complete Boxed Sash Windows?

boxed sash window is the name for a type of installation that is usually more stately-looking in nature and is designed for much-larger windows. They have a rich history and were especially popular in the country during the Victorian and Georgian periods – hence why many homes of that vintage still have them installed. Their traditional style has never been out of fashion, even newly-built homes are taking advantage of the aesthetic benefits that sash windows provide. Today, as window technology has improved, more modern materials can be used in sash window designs, alongside the more-traditional timber. Blending the classic look with modern technology, makes these types of windows perfect for anyone who wishes to maintain the historic look of their home.

Whereas the replacement of an existing sash window involves only the removal of the existing window from its box, complete boxed sash window replacements require the removal of the entire frame from the wall and, in its place, an entire new boxed window is installed. This is the only sure way to replace your entire window fittings, which make for a better, more bespoke window to be installed. This is a method that many people choose, simply to ensure that the window is running at its most optimum – mismatched windows and boxes won’t have the same effects as a custom-built pair will have.

The Benefits of Boxed Sash Windows

When matched with their own custom-made box, sash windows will prove to be much quicker to install, presenting you with your perfect window in no time.

Here are the other benefits that installing a new complete boxed sash window provide:

  • Offers a better, stronger replacement
    Replacing your entire window fittings with a stronger, modern alternative is the only way to ensure that you will get the best out of your windows.
  • Ease of opening
    When installed in a custom-made box, new sash windows will prove to be much easier to open from the inside. Installing a new pane of glass inside an existing frame, though cost-effective, simply won’t provide the same ease of opening that a new fitting will provide.
  • Maintains interior conditions better
    Thanks to the type of glass and the frames they’re used in, brand-new boxed sash window installations are designed to better insulate heat, keeping more of it inside the home on those cold nights. In a similar vein, any hot weather which we may experience, will be kept away from the home’s cool environment.
  • Saves the environment, whilst saving you money
    Double-glazed sash windows of any kind can save the home around £170 per year, due to their insulating properties. With a modern boxed sash window, you’ll probably save even more, thanks to the secure frame.
  • Sound proofing
    Brand-new boxed sash windows are able to better provide a barrier to sound coming in (and out) of the home. Ideal if you live in an area that experiences all manner of noise, or if you produce noise in the home and don’t want to disturb the peace outside.
  • Condensation reduction
    Condensation, the process that sees moisture form on the inside of your window frames, will be eliminated thanks to a brand-new sash window installation possessing the ability to effectively block the process forming.
  • Safety
    Aside from the specialist types of glass that are used to offer safety protection, all of our window types are much safer than older alternatives. With double glazing providing a layer of air between two panes of glass, even if the tough glass does break, it won’t affect the other pane. The locking technology present on these modern windows, seals them tighter than older windows, making them virtually impossible to force open from the outside when locked.

Sash Windows In London – Expertly Installed By Us!

At Kellys Sash Windows, we specialise in the practice of installing, repairing and restoring complete boxed sash windows. We are able to work on windows in all styles of property, from classic Victorian terraced houses, to elegant townhouses and many other fantastic historical buildings, to even the most modern of homes. If you’d like to keep any elements that may emanate from the outside of your home, then we guarantee our service will be of the highest quality and, ultimately, of a long-term benefit to you.

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