Sash Window Refurbishment And Repair In Reading

We are proud to specialise in the refurbishment, repair and complete overhaul of your sash windows in Reading.

Here at Kellys, we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive only the best service and that all of your specific requirements are met.

Muntin windows and doors are extremely beautiful pieces of home decor and structure, but they are also practical additions as well, offering a long-lasting service if properly maintained.

However, we understand that few people have the time to effectively maintain their home’s apertures in the ideal manner, which will often result in their usability becoming impaired as dirt and dust collect within the design.


We are able to offer a complete and comprehensive service, which can comprise of effective draught-proofing and refurbishment solution. We can also provide a double-glazing service to ensure that you can enjoy the same practical benefits as those users with traditional portal designs.

We are extremely proud of the services that we can provide to our customers, and the subsequent benefits that they can enjoy, whether their home is a modern property with the rustic appearance of a muntin window or a classic building with its original features.


There are a wide range of benefits associated with those units which have undergone our specialist maintenance and refurbishment services. These benefits include:

  • Complete draught-proofing
  • Our refurbishment services can stop any irritating rattles
  • Our sound-proofing can drastically reduce the amount of external noise that enters your home
  • We can help you to make your money go further, by improving your home’s insulation and heat retention
  • With a tight, effective seal, we can reduce the amount of dirt and dust that will enter your home and make your window more resistant to these particles
  • Ensure that your portals operate smoothly, whether they are lifting or sliding models
  • Improve the overall security of your home’s window and doorway access points
  • Extend the working life and usability of your sash doors and windows


Along with our actual service, we can actually advise you on the very best apertures for your property. The first decision you will be required to make is whether your wooden or timber design. They each have their advantages, although in many areas and older buildings with traditional sash windows, the choice may well be out of your hands as you will be required to replace like for like.

For the very best in single or double-glazed sash windows in Reading, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today on 0800 634 8636.

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