Sash Windows In Windsor

At Kellys Sash Windows, we are proud to offer a range of sash window restoration and installation services

Our team of casement window specialists can work with you to ensure that your portals offer the highest levels of security and draught exclusion

One common issue with sash windows is that, if they are not opened on a regular basis, they can often become stuck or difficult to open. Kellys can help to resolve this problem through specialised sash window maintenance.


Our sash window restoration service in Windsor can be invaluable to a range of properties. Most commonly our team will work on period properties. Along with restoration, we are able to provide comprehensive replacement services which can even work on a like-for-like basis.

In many older properties, you can only make adjustments on a like-for-like scale. Our services are essential when it comes to maintaining the traditional appearance of your home without suffering in terms of practicality.

We can even upgrade existing windows to include a range of different features such as effective draught-sealing and even energy-efficient double-glazing. If you want to make the most of sash windows in Windsor or the surrounding areas, then you need the professional services on offer from Kellys.


Our range of replacement windows are designed to add traditional character and a sense of unique charm to your property. Whether you’re looking to go for a rustic aesthetic in your office, or you want to keep your home’s traditional appearance, we can help.

Sash windows needn’t be any less practical than other kinds of window design. With modern installation, they aren’t! We can provide single or double-glazed windows. We offer our services with the goal of improving your home’s energy efficiency without having to sacrifice its unique charm.


Here at Kellys, we have been servicing all kinds of properties for more than 20 years. Our reliable team have worked on thousands of different sash windows to ensure that they offer the greatest possible benefits to the property owner. We can deal with any kind of casement window, including hung-sash windows which can often be difficult for even trained professionals to safely maintain or restore.

Whether you’re looking for sash window restoration or replacement, we can match any kind of sash window with its twin. All of our services are competitively priced, and are extremely cost-effective solutions in terms of both money saved in energy bills and convenience.

Thanks to our experience and training, we are able to restore most windows and casement doors to their original quality. With sash window restoration in Windsor, you’ll be able to recapture your home’s traditional charm and character without sacrificing practicality.

For more information on our sash window restoration in Windsor, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of casement windows and doors specialists today on 0800 634 8636. If you have any questions, you can email them to Kellys Sash Windows directly, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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