Double Glazed Sash Windows

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Due to our widely-known quality design of sash windows, along with great customer service and unbeatable prices, we have become an industry leader of sash window installation, repair and restoration in London, Reading and across the South East.

The combination of our usage of traditional methods of craftsmanship, together with the use of modern technology, allows us to build traditional double glazed sash windows and doors that will make your home more appealing and comfortable to live in. Every window that we design and make is special, the design is bespoke so we are able to match any design or pattern, that’s already present in your home, on both wood and PVCu fittings.

Our many years of experience have seen us fitting windows in all manner of buildings, from recently-built homes, to conservation areas and listed buildings.

The Benefits of Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double glazing (also known as Insulated Glazing) is the practice of placing two panes of glass into window frames, which are designed to reduce noise and to insulate heat. Whilst some elements may infiltrate one pane of glass, the space in between will take care of them before they have an opportunity to get through the second pane – hence double glazing being much better insulators of heat and reducers of noise.

The benefits that they provide include:

  • Energy efficiency
    Thanks to the protection that’s afforded by the two panes of glass, double-glazed windows are able to keep more of the energy that you pay for, inside the home, reducing your energy bills.
  • Better protection from outside elements
    Aside from being able to keep elements inside of your home, double-glazing can also keep the outside elements away from your home. This is especially handy if, for example, you’re keeping conditions inside cool because of the heat outside.
  • Condensation reduction
    Much older, single-glazed windows are often victims of the condensation process, which ultimately forms water and mould on the inside of your windows, damaging the fittings permanently. With double-glazing installed, you can eradicate any chance of condensation being built up, as one pane of glass will keep the cold air away on the outside, whilst the pane inside will keep the warm air from meeting it.
  • Noise reduction
    Due to the two panes of glass, and the space that exists in between them, double glazed sash windows are ideal for reducing any noises that may emanate from the outside.
  • Better security
    Many older windows, even those that are in great condition, lack sufficient security measures against anyone who may want to force them open and gain entry to a property. Modern double-glazed sash windows offer multiple locking technology, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that your home employs good security.

With their ability to insulate heat, reduce noise and offer a better security solution, ultimately, double-glazed sash windows offer a more comfortable home life. Creating a ‘bubble’ around your home, you’ll be able to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer – offering the perfect solution to the changing seasons. What’s more, the value of your home will be increased due to the presence of quality, double-glazed sash windows. So aside from all of these benefits, you can also view the installation as an investment on your property, giving you better value in the long-term!

Our Sash Windows

If you’ve decided to replace your existing windows with double glazing, you need to decide what sort of frame you wish to house it in. We offer two types of frame for double-glazing installations – timber and PVCu.

  • Timber frames
    Used in the more-traditional sash window installations, timber frames are designed to retain the natural character of a building. Good quality, well-made timber frames are extremely durable and if they’re regularly treated, they will be able to last for a very long time. In addition to the frame’s ability to act as a great insulator, they are ideal for any homes that require the retention of the property’s true historic quality. By getting your windows and doors made by the craftsmen at Kellys Sash Windows, you can be assured of a design that will reflect the original style of your property.
    PVCu frames
  • These more modern types of frames have been specially designed to contribute to the insulation of the home, to be more environmentally-friendly and, unlike wooden frames, won’t need any maintenance – saving you a lot of time, effort and cost in the long term.

Whichever type of frame you choose, all our windows installations abide by the necessary building requirements, giving you the peace of mind in knowing that you will be dealing with a quality and professional service.

Choose Kellys for Bespoke, Quality Double Glazed Sash Windows

Our professional team are able to restore or replace windows and doors in all styles of property, such as classic Victorian terraced houses, elegant townhouses and many other fantastic historical buildings. You can be rest assured that we understand that we are working in someone’s home; we treat every property with the utmost respect and endeavour to complete the work as soon as possible.


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