Posted on: March 20, 2019

Energy Efficiency of Timber / uPVC Sash Windows

Many homeowners see uPVC Sash Windows as a cheaper option compared to timber.

Some say that uPVC can be a cheaper alternative because it is easy maintenance and it has a cheaper upfront cost. However, many people are also asking about the energy efficiency of the two windows. Is one better than the other?

Wood Windows – Energy Efficiency

Wood windows are energy-efficient as well as eco-friendly. The uPVC windows are generally cooler than the wood windows. As a result, you will be better insulated if you use timber when you want some energy efficient windows.

When you add double glazing to the equation, you will discover that timber windows still excel. The double-glazing preferred by a lot of people can consist of argon gas and low e glass which will make the wood more durable.

Timber sash windows are environment-friendly. They do not emit carbon dioxide, unlike the uPVC sash windows. When it comes to manufacturing timber windows, there is little to no waste that is produced in the process. Carbon footprint is minimised in manufacturing these windows compared to the uPVC plastics.

uPVC Sash Windows – Energy Efficiency

These types of windows are commonly made with plastic frames. The type of uPVC sash window that only slides one pane of glass upwards or downwards is commonly called single hung. While the other type of uPVC window that slides two panes of glasses in an up or down motion is called double hung.

When it comes to insulation, uPVC windows can help reduce the loss of heat inside your home. You will also be properly insulated and the outside noise is minimal. You can use a wet cloth to wipe out the dirt from your uPVC window. These kinds of windows are durable in any weather conditions in your area. Sunlight discolorations are not an issue. They are also cheaper compared to timber windows.

Why Choose Timber Over uPVC?

If you want an aesthetic look inside the home, timber windows can do the job for you. It will bring a classic look and feel if you are not into modern designs. The classic or traditional feel that you can experience with timber windows is not replicated by uPVC. There are multiple glazing options that you can choose from as well as various colours and finishes.

Compared to its plastic counterpart, timber lasts longer. With the right maintenance, you can make your windows last for 70-90 years. Your uPVC windows will only last for about 40 years and they are much harder to repair.

In order to ensure durability, some of the companies who manufacture timber windows protect them with anti-fungal and anti-decaying products. There are also approved multi-schemed designs that can protect you better if you don’t want your house to attract unwanted thieves.

It all comes down to a matter of preference. If you feel that you want to get uPVC windows, then, by all means, go for it. But if you want a great investment as well as a home with aesthetic appeal, then choose timber windows.


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