Posted on: August 22, 2016

Reduce Noise In Your Home – With Sash Windows

Here at Kellys Sash Windows, we are a family-owned business that has been installing, repairing and restoring sash windows in Chelsea and the rest of London for well over 20 years. Our usage of traditional methods of craftsmanship, together with modern technology, allows us to build traditional windows and doors that will make your home appealing and comfortable. Due to our usage of local craftsman, we are able to install quality sash
windows in your home in the quickest time and as cost-effectively as possible – giving you peace of mind and taking away the worry of possessing ineffective windows.

Although the role of windows is to let beautiful, natural light to engulf ours homes – it can be easy to forget that other elements from the outside also tend to pay our interiors a visit. We’ve all been there – we’re relaxing in our homes when all of a sudden a loud noise reverberates from the outside, disturbing our peace. It’s something that nobody wants – an ideal way of reducing the noise from the outside is by improving the insulation on your sash

Reduce noise – insulating your windows

The first basic step to improving your sound insulation is by making sure that your windows and doors have effective draught seals installed – so any gaps around the glass are sealed. Think of it like a puncture on a dingy – it doesn’t really matter what type of material the boat (or in this case, a window) is made out of, if there are holes anywhere on the boat, then water will always get through and sink the vessel. To seal the holes, you will need the right type of material that is able to keep out the water. For sash windows in Chelsea, rather than a dingy on the Atlantic, draught seals work by cutting the air flow, so any sound won’t be able to travel through. This is a method that always works to keep out dust too!

Types of glass and their effects on reducing noise

On the other hand, different types of glass will have different affects on the level of noise that will be trying to get into your home. Here we’ll look at the different types of glass and their relationship with keeping out noise;

  • Float glass – is a standard glass that has been fitted in millions of homes for many years. The glass is often thin – only 2 or 3mm thick. To put it simply – increasing the thickness of the glass will help to absorb and reduce the noise.
  • Standard laminated glass – is made by connecting multiple panes of glass together, with a think inter-lay film between the different layers. This has a number of benefits,including preventing UV lights from being able to enter through the glass. It’s estimated that this type of glass offers nearly a 25% reduction in noise from entering homes and is a cost-effective solution for homeowners.
  • Double glazing – on its own, offers very little sound insulation. However, when lamented glass is installed into a sealed double glazing unit, the benefits that it will bring are extremely significant. Not only will this method give you a great solution to reducing noise, but it will offer a further thermal improvement too, keeping much of your heating inside your home.
  • Acoustic glass – is laminated glass that contains a layer that is specially-designed to reduce noise. Compared to standard float glass, it’s estimated that this type of glass reduces noise by 40% more – so it can prove to be a very wise investment if you live in a somewhat noisy area.

Sash windows in Chelsea – expertly restored by us!

At Kellys Sash Windows, we specialise in the practice of installing, repairing and restoring sash windows in Chelsea. We are able to work on windows and doors in all styles of property, from classic Victorian terraced houses to elegant town houses and many other fantastic historical buildings. If you’d like to keep the noise out of your home, then we guarantee our service will be of the highest quality and ultimately, of a long-term benefit to you.

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