Posted on: December 4, 2018

Refurbishment Options For Your Sash Windows

There are a wide range of options that are available at Kellys Sash Windows for customised repairing and refurbishment of your windows.

Our expert team is capable of offering a wide range of solutions for repairing/refurbishing poorly installed windows.

Why should you get a sash window repair?

Most of the building that have sash windows happen to be quite old. As a result of this, one can expect deterioration in the window frame due to the age factors. This simply takes away the beauty of the property. Apart from that, the functionality of the window may also get hindered greatly.

As a result of this, repair of a sash window is inevitable. However, it is extremely important to get them repaired or refurbished from a highly reputed company. Otherwise, you will always be at the risk of getting ripped off for a mediocre service.

There are many benefits of getting a sash window repair/refurbishment from Kellys Sash Windows. These include:

  • There will be no more rattling
  • The rattling of windows will go away
  • The soundproofing will get improved
  • There will be an improved heat-retention and better insulation
  • Reduce the amount of dust and dirt entering in your house
  • Extend the life of the window
  • Better security
  • Better operation of doors and windows

The importance of draught sealing

Kellys Sash Windows has introduced a wonderful draught sealing strategy that comes with a guarantee of two years.

Normally, holes of as much as 6 inches in diameter can arise due to the gaps in a sash window. In case your windows are not draught sealed in a professional manner, a lot of external noise and dirt can enter your room making your life difficult. Similarly, it is likely that the heat inside your house will diffuse out into the environment through these holes. As a result of this, you will end up feeling cold and uncomfortable in the winters.

Options for double glazing of windows

A single glazed window will allow a lot of external noise and cold to enter into the house. The room will feel cold primarily due to the conduction of heat via the glass, resulting in its convection out to the environment. Due to this reason, single glazed windows are often not preferred in an office/house setting at all.

There are plenty of glazing options that are offered at Kellys Sash Windows depending on one’s individual needs. This way, our services are customisable based on the customer’s requirements and needs.

When it comes to options for double glazed sash windows, most of the windows happen to reduce the heat loss. This is because heat-reflective glass is used as the standard fitting.

When it comes to the installation of specialist glasses, there are a number of options including etched glasses, handmade glasses, or patterned glasses that are perfect for an office setting.

Moreover, options for sound proof double-glazing also exists for which specially made acoustic glasses are used.


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