Posted on: May 11, 2017

The Environment & Sash Window Repair

Poorly maintained or damaged windows can be harmful to both the environment and your wallet, so consider repairing your sash windows with a sash window repair service from Kellys Sash Windows.

Why Is Reducing Our Impact On The Environment Important?

The environment is precious and it is very important to take measures in order to protect it. Climate change has affected our planet and if nothing is done about it, it could have some disastrous effects. Many of us have heard about melting ice caps, rising sea levels and global warming, but what does this actually mean? How serious is climate change?

With regards to climate change, NASA wrote that “The Arctic Ocean is expected to become essentially ice free in summer before mid-century”. This means that there would be less heat reflecting ice and much more heat absorbing dark oceans. This will also affect animals that live in the Arctic; such as walruses and polar bears.

Additionally, according to Scientific American “the Arctic Ocean contains more methane than the rest of the world’s oceans combined.” Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and warmer Arctic water and land areas have already begun to release this greenhouse gas!

Climate change is a problem for the whole planet, and as such it could also cause issues for the United Kingdom. The Committee on Climate Change wrote that climate change could increase the risk of both inland and coastal flooding in the United Kingdom. Additionally the United Kingdom could also face water scarcity, and heat waves as a result of climate change.

With the serious consequences surrounding climate change, it is very important that we take steps to reduce the impact we have on our precious environment.

How Could Your Home Contribute To Climate Change?

When searching for ways to combat climate change, it is important that we look to reduce the impact that our daily lives have on the environment. For example, your home can contribute to climate change in numerous ways:

  • Central Heating
    Using central heating to heat your home uses up energy. If your home isn’t properly insulated, you’ll not only be harming your wallet, but also the environment. Additionally, if your windows are only single glazed, you could be losing a lot of heat from your windows!
  • Light Bulbs
    You might think that your choice of light bulbs is about choosing the bulbs that will last the longest in your home. However, as written in a report in the Independent, switching to low-energy bulbs and other energy efficient lighting “could prevent a cumulative total of 16 billion tons of carbon from being added to the world’s atmosphere over the next 25 years”
  • Your Lifestyle
    Wasting energy is sadly a part of some people’s lifestyles. Instead of turning electronics off when not using them, some people instead leave the device on standby mode. Additionally some people leave lights on when not using them. This all wastes energy ad like the two previous points, wasting energy is not only harmful for your wallet, but also harmful to the environment.

How Can Kelly Sash Windows Help You Reduce Your Impact On The Environment?

Poorly maintained and/or damaged windows can be a significant source of heat loss for your property, meaning that you need to spend more money to heat your home. Additionally, this will also negatively impact the environment.

In order to reduce the impact your actions have on the environment, you will have to consider making some home improvements. One step could be improvements such as insulation; however another way to reduce your impact on our planet and its precious environment is to improve your windows using a sash window repair service for Kellys Sash Windows.

What Is Included In Our Sash Window Repair Service?

Sash windows first appeared in the UK during the end of the 17th century. As such many homeowners want to preserve the design of their property. Sash windows are full of character and a repair service is one way you can improve your sash windows in order to make your home more environmentally friendly without having to replace your windows.

Firstly you’ll be able to enjoy a reduction in draughts. Once we have repaired your windows with our sash window repair service, the small gaps in between your windows and the building will be almost non-existent. This also prevents rattling sounds that may be present in older and less maintained buildings and windows.

Additionally, repairing your sash windows will provide an improvement to insulation! With regards to climate change and the environment, improving the heat retention of your property is a great way to reduce your impact on the planet. With better insulation, you’ll find yourself using less energy to heat your home, thus saving money and reducing your environmental impact at the same time.

Other benefits to our sash window repair service include an extended window life and improved security! Did you know that according to The Police, a home with no security measures is FIVE TIMES MORE LIKELY to be burgled than a home with simple security measures?

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Our professional team will treat your home with respect. We will work hard to minimise any disruption that our activities may cause. Additionally when the sash windows repair work has finished, we will leave the work area in a clean and tidy condition.

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