Posted on: November 6, 2019

What Are Traditional Boxed Sash Windows

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What are Traditional Boxed Sash Windows?

A boxed sash window is a traditionally styled window structure that is made up of a frame which holds the glass panes together. You will find such windows installed in most of the classic buildings and traditional homes all around England.

The mechanism of such windows works in such a way so that some counterweights are used to balance the weight of glass sashes. These counterweights are placed in a box from where a pulley is connected. Thus, the name ‘boxed sash windows’.

How are boxed sash windows different from other windows?

Boxed sash windows are different from other windows in many ways. First off, these windows are the perfect blend of both modern and classic designs. If you notice most high end houses in London, you’ll see that most of them have sash windows installed in them.

Secondly, the sash windows are more comfortable to operate as they work on a pulley based mechanism. They are made with such precision that the box which holds the weight remain entirely hidden from the outside. The entire exterior look of your room will get a substantial boost with the help of boxed sash windows by the Kellys.

The timber used for the window frames varies from Oak, Iroko, Mahogany, to Walnut. The glass panes can be of charcoal, Contora, Everglade, and Pelerine kind. There are other types of panes available too – just visit the website of Kellys Sash Window and choose your type.

Some Benefits of installing Boxed Sash Windows

Boxed sash windows are comparatively stronger than the double door windows. The windows are designed in such a way that they provide an insulating facility. This means that the windows help in keeping the room warm by trapping the heat inside. This also keeps the interiors of the room intact for a longer duration.

They are reasonably cheaper than the all-wood window as timber costs more than glass panes. If you are a party lover and listen to loud music, these windows can help in soundproofing your room. No complaints from the neighbours whatsoever!

The primary benefit is the kind of security cover these modern windows provide.


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