Posted on: December 11, 2015

Timber Vs uPVC: Which Is Easier To Maintain?

Both timber and uPVC windows are extremely popular amongst a range of homeowners and construction specialists all across the country. However, the both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, which really set them apart from each other. Whichever one you choose, you need to ensure that your window is designed like the very best double-glazed sash windows in Reading.

Sash Window Maintenance And Repair

Repairing uPVC Windows

It is often claimed that uPVC windows require absolutely no maintenance. Obviously, this isn’t true (however much we wish that it was!). uPVC can be discoloured by dirt and stains, and this damage can often be extremely difficult to reverse. It isn’t just that a layer of paint has lost its colour over the years, but that the material itself has become damaged.

The standard solution to this problem is the application of an acidic cleaner, which melts away the stained layers of plastic, therefore leaving lasting damage to the structure of the entire unit itself.

This problem is actually made worse as the homeowner realises that, with uPVC designs, they cannot simply replace a small section of the window. Even small damage to a uPVC unit requires a complete unit overhaul and, in the end, can require a great deal of expense.

Repairing Timber Windows

However, this isn’t true when it comes to timber units. The main advantage of working with a natural material is that sections can be individually cut out and replaced as required. They can be repaired either with new timber of treated with high-quality wood filler. In most circumstances, however, wooden designs outlast their owners and will only very rarely require repair.

The Longevity Of Sash Windows

As we mentioned before, uPVC windows aren’t actually painted. This can be a hugely important thing to consider when it comes to picking out the ideal window unit for your needs. With timber designs, only the paint surfaces are ever exposed to the elements, meaning that the actual wood of the design is always partially protected. Ideally, only the pain should ever need patching up or replacing, rather than the actual timber itself.

The major advantage of uPVC is that it is, most likely, much cheaper than timber, but it can lead to higher costs in the long run when it needs to be replaced or refurbished. Timber can actually be extremely durable, and is likely to last for centuries if treated to periodic maintenance. uPVC is very low maintenance, by comparison, but cannot be repaired as easily. With that in mind, its longevity can seriously suffer.

Choose A Professional Sash Window Company For All Your Refurbishment And Maintenance

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