Posted on: March 1, 2019

How Much Do Sash Windows Cost?

If you have decided that refurbishing your sash windows is not an option, then you want to know the cost of sash window replacements.

The costs range below reflect the unit itself and not the labour. The cost of labour will be affected by things like the condition of the windows being removed and the area directly surrounding the windows and the complexity of the installation specific to your house and choice of window.

It’s import to note that these costs will vary widely and getting multiple quotes is a great idea to get an idea of all of your options.

uPVC sash windows provide the most value for most homeowners. There are certain restrictions with this type of window in some communities. If you live in a historic home or have rules regarding the aesthetic of your home than it is important to check the rules before making the decision to switch from wooden windows to uPVC. The cost of sash windows for standard sizes can range from £200 to £300 for the most basic designs.

The uPVC option is especially good for those replacing out of date windows because they allow for the benefits of modern windows. Excellent insulation, easy to use vertical tracks, secure locking features, storm-proof frames provide value and peace of mind for the homeowner. The material requires a lot less maintenance, as wooden windows are designed to be refurbished, and though uPVC will not last as long as properly maintained wooden windows when you compare sash window pricing the value is obvious.

There is a reason that quality wooden windows are the standard enforced by local municipalities. It is because of the classic look and lasting quality they provide to homes and communities. There is no doubt that timber windows provide the highest return on a potential home sale.

The price of sash windows made of timber instead of uPVC is dependant on the size and complexity of the windows. A sash window that would cost £200 in uPVC would start around £500 in a timber box.

Windows are a focal point for the inside and outside of the home. They give a house character, offer natural light and after your new installation, they will help keep the house safe and warm.

The reasons for choosing one material or another can vary. You should not choose solely on the price of the sash window. Depending on what your house or neighbourhood requires or your plans for the home you may find one is better suited for your needs than the other. It’s always important to get the advice of a contractor if you have never refurbished of replaced windows.


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