Posted on: May 23, 2019

Sash Window Company in Reading, Berkshire

Having clean, functional windows is essential for any home, as they allow both light and air into the building.

Though their importance is easy to overlook, taking care of windows will make your building look more appealing, both inside and out.

Sash windows allow you to slide the lower part of the window up or down, letting you precisely control how much airflow you let into the room. As we’ll discuss, a key part of keeping these windows looking and working correctly is maintaining them.

A sash window can have some potential problems, if not cared for correctly. For example, many of these windows have slides, allowing you to move the window both up and down. If let open and exposed to the elements the wood might expand, this can make it harder for you to move the window up and down. The slider might also get a little rusty if not maintained properly, this can also make it hard for you to open the window.

Another potential problem might occur if you don’t use the correct products when cleaning the window. This could cause the glass to get scratched, which will make the window look less appealing and could be a safety hazard. To prevent these consequences from occurring on your sash windows, you should consider hiring a professional sash window maintenance service.

Kelly’s Sash Windows has earnt their positive reputation in the community by offering high-quality sash window maintenance in Reading.

Sadly, from careless employees to hailstones, many things can cause damage to your window. If your window does get broken, you should call a sash window repairs service as quickly as possible to avoid any injuries. For example, if a hailstone causes the glass in the window to shatter, someone could walk over it and get cut. Alternatively, a broken window could compromise your security, making it easier for someone to rob the property. Thankfully, Kelly’s Sash Windows can help you repair broken windows to remove these potential hazards, which is why we have the best sash window repairs in Reading.

Finally, you might find an older window that you want to restore its former glory. An older window can act as a design feature, making your workplace stand out. However, restoring these old windows can be a difficult task. Thankfully, we have the best sash window restoration in Reading.

Sash windows can be a great addition to your home, letting in natural light and fresh air which will improve quality of life. To help make this possible, we discussed some of the services that you might need to use and how a company like Kelly’s Sash Windows can help you install and maintain these windows.

So, contact us today and find out how we can help improve your home.


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